Roxanne Valdestamon

Environmental Officer

Pangulasian Island Resort

Roxanne is a strong and passionate advocate for sustainable agriculture and environmental management, specifically marine ecosystems. She graduated with a degree in Agriculture from the University of the Philippines Los Banos in 2012 and after a few months of contemplation, she decided to work her way into the marine ecosystems field. Her first job was with Fishbase Information and Research Group Inc., a global species database of fishes where she worked with fish biology, faunal lists and species distribution. Getting a one-month break from work, she used this time to acquire trainings and certifications in scuba diving, reef check and MPA (Marine Protected Area) surveys from a scholarship offered by Coral Cay Conservation Philippines. This inspired her to pursue a Master’s Degree in Environmental Science for better understanding and further training in her chosen field. When the opportunity to work with ENR’s Environment Department was offered to her in 2016, she took it and excitedly packed her bags for her new adventure. She is now the Environmental Officer of Pangulasian Island, enjoying the perks of working with a team that aims to spread ecologically sustainable practices and influence people to adapt a way of life that is – protecting the environment.