Bayawaks and Macaques

We continue the story of the two boys’ trip in El Nido. Back in their respective cities, the animals they see would only be dogs and cats. They came in for a big surprise as a giant water monitor lizard greeted them moments after stepping onto Pangulasian island. Well, “giant” might be an overstatement, but... Continue Reading →

A Glimpse of El Nido

The love for marine life. This was the magnet that brought two traffic-fed up city boys together. One from Bacolod, the other from Cagayan de Oro. They both wanted to change things up and pursue their passions. Both took the chance to apply for the sustainability officer position under the Ten Knots Group. Months have... Continue Reading →

Voices from KimiNANAY: An Interview with President Marivic Cabesas Moreno

Even though we are from a small town, we want to be an inspiration to the whole world and show why it is important for women to be trustworthy, happy, and loving in everything that they do.MARIVIC CABESAS MORENO, PRESIDENT OF KIMINANAY Last Tuesday, we kicked off our KimiNANAY Sewing for Sustainability fundraiser, which seeks to raise 600 USD (30,000 PHP) for sewing machines... Continue Reading →

Sisters, Sewing, Sustainability: Kicking Off the KimiNANAY Sewing for Sustainability Fundraiser

Sitio Kiminawit is a small fishing village where houses are perched upon stilts just reaching out of the water. Early in the morning, the people of the barangay are already awake and about. Children walk towards the elementary school building in the middle of the village, the men set out to fish in nearby waters, and the women meet to discuss their newfound passion: entrepreneurship. Described by... Continue Reading →

From Sea to Table: An Interview with El Nido Resorts’ Local Fish Suppliers

You can always expect El Nido Resorts island cuisine to be as fresh as the beaches are beautiful, which would not be possible without our trusty local fish suppliers. Supplying the four resorts of Pangulasian, Lagen, Miniloc and Apulit, Ate Sherly, Kuya Lando, and Kuya Edgardo ensure the freshness and quality of all catches brought to the guests' plates. Click here for an exclusive interview with our three local partners.

SIBAK: Together Towards a Brighter Horizon

As #COVID19 pandemic forced the world into lockdown, the fisher-farmers of #VillaLibertad seized the opportunity to revitalize their almost defunct #fishing organization #SIBAK to solve their communal challenges. And so, #SIBAK emerged from the ashes as a collective of #fishermen who believe in the importance of cooperative action, which they leverage to benefit not only their own community, but their natural #environment. Click here to learn more!

Banca Boys: Always Up for a Joke

The #BancaBoys are a staple around El Nido Town, and they are highly important to the operations of #ElNidoResorts. Captaining boats might be in their job description, but anyone who has the pleasure of meeting them knows they are much more than that: educators, partners in #sustainability, and even friends. Sailors of El Nido’s seas, they stopped to sit down with us and give a virtual interview full of laughs and smiles. Click here to join in on the fun.

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