4th Week of Memories // Janette and Juvanka

El Nido Resorts Memories and Experiences Friday, 31st Jan, a day for us to do what we wanted to do in Puerto Prinsesa (Day off. Yay)! I had no plans for the day and just felt extremely adventurous! I decided to be an explorer and I explored Puerto Prinsesa town. My initial plan was only... Continue Reading →

3rd Week of memories // Juvanka and Janette

  El Nido Resorts Memories and Experiences   FRIDAY JAN 24TH  Today was dedicated to learning about all the information associated with the “BE GREEN” principle. The presentation informed us about the 5 “BE GREEN” principles that El Nido resorts conform with to make Palawan an eco-friendly tourist area. The purpose of this training was... Continue Reading →

Amputee Puti

WARNING: Contains graphic images. Meet Puti. This is Pangulasian Island’s...actually El Nido Resorts' first-ever Monitor Lizard to undergo amputation (November 2018). It was spotted by Pangulasian Island Resort staff having a limp gait, only to discover that its right forelimb was basically in shambles….torn, exposed muscles and all.   After it was “admitted” to the... Continue Reading →

Final Goodbyes

Shine checking in for the last time on the blog post. It is with a lot of mixed feelings that I write this blog in the taxi on my way to the airport.

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