Enchanting El Nido episode 6 – Small Lagoon

The Small Lagoon is located on Miniloc Island, just a short kayak ride away from Miniloc Island Resort. The travel time from the resort to the lagoon is about 15-20 minutes.

The Small Lagoon also lies right next to the Big Lagoon, which we featured in our last Enchanting El Nido episode. Unlike the Big Lagoon, which is accessible by boat, the Small Lagoon is only accessible by kayak, as the entrance is too small for boats to pass through. And during high tide, even kayaks cannot pass through as the high water level would partially or completely block the entrance. A person would then have to swim through in order to get in.

Upon entering the Small Lagoon, one is quickly transported into an entirely different world, into a place where nature still reigns supreme. Surrounded by the towering limestone cliffs El Nido is known for, a person can spend a good hour just listening to the calming sounds of nature.

Like the Big Lagoon, scientists hypothesize that the Small Lagoon was once a cave whose roof collapsed upon itself, creating what is known as a sinkhole. Despite the harsh conditions of the limestone cliffs, many species of plants do manage to thrive, providing food and shelter for birds and other animals.

The calm and clear waters of the Lagoon also provide an ideal shelter and breeding ground for many species of fish and other marine organisms. And for the world-weary traveler, the Small Lagoon, with its aura of sanctity and hallowedness, is an ideal place to visit in order to relax, reconnect with nature, and find peace.

Rima de Dios
Miniloc Island Resort Environmental Officer

Opening animation:
Stompworks Studios

Created by:
El Nido Resorts
El Nido, Palawan, Philippines

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