G.R.E.E.N.ing Minds at El Nido Resorts

“G.R.E.E.N.-minded Ka Na Ba?”, the newest and hippest Nature Interpretation Training Challenge to hit Palawan is making waves this 2012! Launched last January by El Nido Resorts’ Environment Team, the “G.R.E.E.N.-minded Ka Na Ba?” campaign aims to educate all the resort staff about Palawan’s beauty and biodiversity and is an extension of the nature interpretation training already given annually to our Marine Sports Guides.

Greening minds involves trainings conducted every Sunday, with different topics each month:

  • February – Palawan
  • March – Plants
  • April – Mangroves
  • May – Birds
  • June – Land Animals
  • July – Tides
  • August – Marine Invertebrates
  • September – Fishes
  • October – Sea Turtles
  • November – Marine Mammals

And to make learning about Palawan more fun and interesting, the staff will get to test their knowledge against each other in a series of competitions. Elimination rounds will be held at Apulit, Lagen and Miniloc Island Resorts by the end of April, August, and November. The three winners from each resort will represent their resort and compete in the Interisland Grand Finals in December. This training challenge is in line with ENR’s initiative to guard, respect and educate El Nido.

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  1. I wish all the beautiful places in our country will do the same. El Nido’s inclusion to the New Seven Wonders is well deserved. Kudos to the people behind its upkeep. You guys are the true heroes.

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