El Nido Resorts celebrates Earth Day 2012

The El Nido Resorts staff volunteered to clean up El Nido and Taytay’s beaches during their off-duty hours. They’re our Eco Superstars!

Last April 22, 2012 marked the 42nd anniversary of Earth Day—an international event that raises awareness and appreciation for our planet’s environment. A hundred eleven pairs of willing hands set out to pick up trash washed ashore or left by tourists on the beaches of El Nido and Taytay. A total of 514.8 kilograms of trash, composed of plastic, Styrofoam, rubber, metal, and glass were collected from 6 different islands in Palawan. Two groups of divers participated in the underwater clean-ups and successfully rid the ocean of more than 25 kilos of trash.

Aside from the coastal and underwater clean-ups, guests also showed love for Mother Earth by having a straw-free day. Plastic straws are non-biodegradable and are included in the Top 10 types of trash littered on the world’s beaches. The “No Straw Day” was a small contribution towards trash-free beaches.

The day was ended with free Copa Verde cocktails and pica-pica as the El Nido Resorts’ Environmental Officers talked about how tourists and tourism can play a role in conserving the environment.

The Scuba Rangers took care of the underwater trash.
Chef Demi of Lagen Island Resorts proudly hauling away his finds for the afternoon.

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