ENR Environment Dept brings Be GREEN to El Nido’s schools

The students from El Nido Central School, their teacher, and the EOs showing off the pledge poster

El Nido Resorts‘ Environmental Department brought ENR’s Be GREEN (Guard, Respect, Educate El Nido) environmental practices program to El Nido’s schools last July 2 and 4, 2012. Environmental Officers Kristine Soriano, Macy Añonuevo, and Mavic Doctor engaged 240 students from El Nido Central School, El Nido National High School, and Potter’s Place School with a presentation on El Nido’s amazing biodiversity, the threats to El Nido’s environment (such as pollution and illegal logging), and what they can do to take care of El Nido. After the presentation, the students signed a poster with their “Be GREEN Pledge”: an act they promise to do to protect El Nido. The program was capped off with fun games to test what they remembered from the presentation. The top-scoring students received starfish pins made by the EOs. El Nido Resorts hopes to bring the Be GREEN program to more schools and students in the coming months.

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