MIR, LIR, and AIR certified as Green Fins Resorts

Miniloc, Lagen, and Apulit Island Resorts earned their Green Fins certifications last November 9-15, 2012. Green Fins is a “comprehensive program that encourages dive centers and snorkel operators to work together to reduce their environmental impacts on coral reefs by adopting the Green Fins Code of Conduct“. Green Fins volunteer assessors conducted trainings for the MIR, LIR, AIR, and Pangulasian Island Resort (PIR) guides, dive crew, and guest activity coordinators on proper snorkeling and diving technique to minimize environmental damage during these activities. They then joined the MIR, LIR, and AIR snorkeling and diving tours to see where the guides excel and what areas can be improved upon. They were not able to join the PIR tours so PIR has not yet received Green Fins certification. Target date for PIR certification is early 2013.

El Nido Resorts is committed to responsible tourism practices, including proper management of guest interactions with the environment through education. Third-party certification such as Green Fins allows us to validate our own in-house training programs and provide benchmarks for further improvements.

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