Creature Feature: Pacific swallow

Ever tried to identify the small, fast-flying birds flitting around the El Nido Resorts properties? If you caught a quick glimpse of a brown face then you’re in luck – you just spotted a Pacific swallow!

pacific swallow4 - jamie

With its pointed wings, the Pacific swallow (Hirundo tahitica, locally called layang-layang) is built for continuously flying through the air. You can find it in coastal areas and over towns and open areas, where it catches insects on the wing. Its cup-shaped nest made of mud is stuck to cliff overhangs, on cliffs, or the corners of houses.

pacific swallow3 - jamie

They range from South India to Australia and the southwest Pacific, with the subspecies javanica found all over the Philippines.

pacific swallow2 - jamie
The Pacific swallow is just one of the over one hundred species of birds found in El Nido and Taytay. Do visit us to see them in person!

Photos by Jamie Dichaves, Environmental Officer of Lagen Island Resort. Photos taken in Apulit Island Resort.

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