El Nido Resorts Celebrates World Responsible Tourism Day 2013

November 30, 2013 marked the last world-wide environment event ENR celebrates every year: the World Responsible Tourism Day. For this year’s celebrations, we went with the theme “Starting Them Young” and tried to engage as much children as we can through the different activities prepared for the day. As such, every one was excited to participate, even the kids at heart!  A total of 69 resort staff and 5 guests braved the rough seas brought about by amihan (Northeast Monsoon) and headed to the beaches of Shimizu, Natnat, Payong-Payong, and Dangan.

ElNidoResorts WRTD 2013 3
ALI Sustainability Manager Anna Gonzales helping out.

Through the combined efforts of Miniloc, Lagen, Pangulasian, and Potters Place School students, we were able to pick up 339.02kg of trash, segregated, and then sent them to the Materials Recovery Facility (MRF).

ElNidoResorts WRTD 2013 5
Working hand-in-hand to fight ocean trash!

Natnat Beach proved to be quite a challenge for Lagen Island Resort (LIR) participants because of the overwhelming amount of trash there. Even though they limited the haul to plastic/glass bottles, rubber, styro, and plastics, they were still able to gather 208kg worth of trash. They would have even gotten a lot more if only they did not run out of garbage bags! After the cleanup, the LIR staff vowed to come back to Natnat more often until all the trash has been picked up.

A few bags down, more to go!
A few bags down, more to go!

The afternoon batch of participants were brought to the Materials Recovery Facility for a tour and a one-of-a-kind trash-to-art workshop facilitated by Gabriel Flows and Susannah Rickman of Flow Projects. Even guests Benjamin Poaster and son Aydan got to try their hand out of making kites from used paper and playing games made out of recycled materials. It was indeed a fun and fulfilling day for everyone!

Aydan Poaster, happy with his new toy car!
Starting ’em young! Aydan Poaster, happy with his new toy car!

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Trash Collected:

Assorted Plastics – 31.08 kg
Plastic (PET bottles) – 92.62 kg
Rubber, Flip-flops – 49.74 kg
Glass – 80.24 kg
Cans and Metals  – 5.16 kg
Rope – 40.18 kg
Styro – 40 kg

Total — 339.02kg

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