FAQs: What’s a Green Night?

To wind down after a day full of adventures around El Nido, the resorts offer a variety of evening entertainment. You show off your dance moves with our cultural dance group, get serenaded by local acoustic performers, and last but not least, hang out with one of the resident Environmental Officers.

Several times a week, the EOs for each resort conduct Green Night presentations for the guests and staff. We talk about everything from the local flora and fauna to our resorts’ sustainable practices. Learn a thing or two about creatures that can only be found in Palawan or other interesting animals that you might stumble upon all over the world. Watch out for our special edition Green Nights during holidays and celebrations.

Both adults and kids join in on the conversation at Miniloc.
Both adults and kids join in on the conversation at Miniloc. “We’ve seen those around!”

Both kids and adults alike get involved in our Green Nights to learn more about what they’re seen throughout their stay. It’s a unique part of the El Nido Resorts vacation that embodies our dedication to keeping it GREEN (Guard, Respect, Educate El Nido).

In Apulit and Lagen, Green Nights are held in the main clubhouse dining areas during dinnertime, so you can enjoy them along with your meal. While at Miniloc, you can stop by the beach bar during Happy Hour and enjoy a refreshing drink with the presentation.

Green Nights are a great way to learn more about our ecosystem in a fun way. Ask your Guest Activities Coordinator for the schedule of upcoming Green Nights during your stay. As always, if you want to learn even more or have any lingering questions, you can always approach an Environmental Officer.

IMG_3696Gaby Coseteng is an intern for the environment department. She is a rising sophomore at Stanford University and is still undeclared. Gaby is passionate about nature conservation and climate change, and hopes to pursue a career in a related field. She enjoys kayaking, paddle-boarding, and snorkeling, especially since El Nido is so beautiful. Gaby is also a big fan of animals, but if she had to choose just one, her spirit animal would be a fur seal because they love to lay out in the sun and eat lots of fish. She’s really happy to be back home in the Philippines for the summer and to have the opportunity to learn more about the local environmental situation.

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