Camp Be GREEN 1.0

We called them the Incredible Greenies because they were incredibly energetic and took on their roles as guardians of the environment faster than you can say “El Nido Resorts”!

The Incredible Greenies!
The Incredible Greenies

On October 27 -30, eight enthusiastic teens learned how to Be GREEN (Guard, Respect, Educate El Nido) in the best island in the world! They became El Nido Resorts’ first ever Be GREEN Youth Campers, experiencing in-their-face biodiversity while having fun and making new friends.

Everyone welcomed the treat of being away from the city for three days, kayaking, climbing 250 million-year old limestone cliffs, watching out for sea turtles surfacing to breathe, and learning tons of new stuff!

Photography 101 with Harvey Tapan
Photography 101 with Harvey Tapan

They learned the basics of photography from Mr. Harvey Tapan, who then took them on a field demo to take snapshots in the Big Lagoon and on Snake Island!

Ms. Rima de Dios, a professional snorkeling organizer, introduced them to El Nido’s colorful marine life. Not only did they find Nemo, but Dory, too, as well as many other fishies.

Former Miniloc EO Rima de Dios after snorkeling with the campers at the house reef
Former Miniloc Environmental officer now professional snorkeling organizer Rima de Dios after snorkeling with the campers at the house reef
Outdoor survival cast-away style with Kuya Weng adn Kuya Reylan
Outdoor survival cast-away style with Kuya Weng and Kuya Reylan

In-house Sea Scouts Edwin Arzaga and Reylan Torrico showed the basic skills for outdoor survival cast-away style. They learned the basics of knot tying and even got to make their own paracord bracelets that they can use if ever they get caught deserted in an island.

Taking their role of environmental stewards seriously, our Incredible Greenies also made the Earth a lot happier because of Coastal Cleanup. Hard to understand why humans would want to dump trash into that beautiful ocean!

Coastal Cleanup at Cove 3
Coastal Cleanup at one of Lagen Island’s coves

And because Mother Nature was so pleased with the Greenies’ display of nature love, they were treated to one of her surprises! Green Sea turtle hatchlings, 37 in all, crawled out of the sand, calling out to be released into the sea. Before removing the cage that protected the hatchlings from monitor lizards, the Environmental Officers shared their passion for the conservation of endangered sea turtles. The campers learned about the threats sea turtles face, especially pollution. Right then and there, the Greenies vowed to help keep the oceans clean and healthy.

EO Alia and EO Elaine briefing the campers before releasing 37 green sea turtle hatchlings
Environmental Officers Alia and Elaine briefing the campers

Keeping El Nido Resorts a green resort means making sure we serve only the freshest and most natural ingredients. The Greenies trekked to our nature farm and joined our Farm Manager Henry Gonzales as he made soil from a combination of compost, rice hull, and worm poo. They also helped our farm staff transplant lettuce and harvest that day’s produce!

Kuya Henry mixing the compost that we produce onsite
Kuya Henry mixing the compost we produced from food waste of El Nido Resorts
Yes, being a farmer is never easy
Yep, being a farmer is not easy! All that bending
Showing off their freshly-picked bouquet of lettuce
Showing off their bouquet of freshly-picked lettuce
In 1..2...3... say YUMMMY!!!

Back at Miniloc, Chef Boyet magically put together their harvest and got them to agree that green IS yum!

Cooking the fresh produce harvested from Inigtan farm
Cooking the fresh produce harvested from Inigtan farm

Finally, at the end of their three camping days, our Campers realized they didn’t miss their electronic gadgets at all. In fact, they won’t mind being away from them longer if it meant more green fun. Big yahoo from Nature to our Incredible Greenies!

After sunrise kayak to Big Lagoon
After sunrise kayak to Big Lagoon
With their pledge for the environment
Our first batch of Be G.R.E.E.N. campers and their pledge for the environment

If you care about the environment and want to explore the best island in the world, this camp is definitely for you! Make heaps of new friends and kindle your interest in nature. Trust us, being G.R.E.E.N is awesome!

To join our next Be G.R.E.E.N. Youth Camp, get in touch with us!

IMG_6275Elaine is anywhere. She started her career as a Tourism Officer for the Provincial Government of Isabela where she handled community-based projects in the Northern Sierra Madre Natural Park. In 2013, she joined Voluntary Services Overseas (VSO) and served as an Ecotourism Advisor in Samar. Her restless feet and heart took her to Africa, volunteering for an ecotourism project in the eastern highlands of Zimbabwe where she acquired a global perspective of tourism and development. Elaine has a degree in Tourism with a Graduate Diploma in Urban and Regional Planning from the University of the Philippines-Diliman. She is currently the Environmental Officer of Miniloc Island Resort advocating for sustainable tourism and envisions a world full of responsible travelers. Indeed, Elaine is anywhere- doing what she loves and what is right.

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