Bird is the word

Most kids our age think birds are boring (and we were culprits), but after bird watching, we realised how truly interesting the animals are! Before learning about birds, we thought they were all the same. Of course we knew that birds have different sticker20080924

and all are different shapes and sizes, but there is so much more to that. We were amazed by all the new information we acquired. Did you know that there are over 600 species of birds in the Philippines? And it gets even more interesting; over 200 of these species are only found in the Philippines! Who knew that there are 7 different types of feet bird could have? The structure of bird’s feet depend on their habit and function, which is crazy… crazy awesome! Besides their feet, a bird’s species can be identified by their calls. Bird fanatics have become obsessed with listening to bird noises (they even download them on their phones). However, a lot of people don’t realize how dangerous this can be. Mimicking a birdcall near nesting area could trigger fear and confusion and can lead to them fleeing their nest and children. Imagine how being an infant alone without guidance! (I wouldn’t survive… that’s for sure).

There are also other dangers to birds in El Nido. These include toy slingshots, trash, loud noises, construction, and harm to trees. If we continue on the path humans are on, birds’ lives are in danger of extinction. Why are birds important you may ask? For many reasons! For starters, birds control the insect population by eating them. They also spread seeds after pooping (haha!), which plants the jaw dropping trees we love to look at! Lastly, birds are simply beautiful. Tourists come from all over the world in search of El Nido’s unique birds. If we want to save the birds, everyone needs to do their part! It’s not hard. Pick up trash; don’t pull down branches, etc. And remember, when you see a bird, say hi quietly!

What do you think?

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