Our second main topic of interest was about corals and coral reefs. We began our day by taking a boat out to Pangulasian to explore the world of corals. We listened to a very interesting talk by Ms. Mariglo about conserving corals, which is something that none of us had really thought about before so it was really new to us. She taught us, firstly, about the different kinds of corals that exist under the sea. There were branching, brain, hard corals, soft corals and many more. We never take into account how important corals are and we learnt from Ms. Mariglo that everyone can contribute something to helping coral reefs.

“Did you know that if we our act of damaging corals, 60% of corals will be destroyed in 30 years!” THAT’S INSANE

We have to all take part in helping. So many people are adding on to coral damage, doing things that they shouldn’t be doing! Such as dynamite fishing, cyanide fishing, and people don’t even notice that they are damaging corals when they step on them! In addition to damage caused by humans, natural disasters also cause a lot of breakage to the corals. Typhoons and big storms add to the effect, as well as global warming. Corals are sensitive to certain temperatures so as temperature of water increase, the corals can get bleached. Bleaching is increasing and spreading throughout many areas of the ocean. Oh no! It is our job to try and help stop this.

One activity that we did was reef checks. We used a measuring device to track the corals that were in that area, it was cool to see how much hard coral was around Pagulasian and Miniloc, these resorts have conserved reef life even with all the tourism


which means that its not hard for us to do the same. #savethecorals #coralslivesmattertoo!


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