Postcards from the GUI fellows

Dear reader,

It may come as a surprise to see this week’s entry in an unconventional manner such as this postcard. We fellows had an adventure and travel-filled week, in which we took a break from working on our communications platform from the safety of the COVO workspace and headed southbound to Puerto Princesa to see the sights!

Each postcard was inspired by the different locations that we went to (like Fleuris, the yellow building we stayed in Puerto) and the things we did while there (like the beautiful underground river, where they even have individual audio guides so that tourists respect bats’ need for silence).

I just couldn’t help but get you a souvenir in the form of these postcards to serve as a visual aid when I go back to tell you all the stories behind each place, as well as send you a physical representation of a promise for us to go back here so you experience it all for yourself.

Safe travels,

Your GUI Fellow


Have someone you think would be interested to send these to? Here are the individual postcards for your use.



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