Sustainable Seafood

Sustainable Seafood is composed of but a few main elements– Source, Style, Species, Size.

Source – Where did your seafood come from? Sourcing closer to home means you’re spending less on transportation costs, and you’re probably helping the local economy.

Style – How was your seafood caught? Consuming seafood caught using highly selective/discriminating methods means other non-target species (such as sea turtles, sharks, rays, whales, and dolphins) are spared from accidental by-catch.

Delivery of Fresh Catch for Miniloc Island Resort. (In photo, left to right: Enrile Gomez (Miniloc Kitchen), and Lando Amascual (Local Supplier)

Species – What specific types of seafood are you eating? Many endangered species of marine life actually fulfill very unique roles in our oceans; consuming them to the point of extinction may place marine ecosystems at risk of complete collapse.

Size –Consuming appropriate-sized fish (adults that have already spawned) enables younger fish to reach reproductive maturity, which ensures a continuous supply of our ocean’s limited stocks.


Our sources are local, their style is selective. The species are stable, with sizes sufficient.

Know that your choice to stay with El Nido Resorts, is a choice for Nature, for the local community, and a Sustainable Future.



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