Environment & Sustainability Interns


CARISSA “CAR” QUINTANA Carissa graduated from Ateneo de Manila University, Philippines with a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science and a Minor in Economics. She is interested to pursue a long-term career in Environmental Science, Environmental Impact Assessments and ESG Research. She has a two-year experience as an academic writing various publication and conducting field activities around the Philippines. Some of her projects include Nutrient Dynamics and Spatial Modeling in Lake Palakpakin and Fish Kill Investigation Through Water Quality Assessment in Lake Buhi.

Currently, she is pursuing her Masters in Environmental Science, Policy and Management through the ERASMUS Mundus program in four participating European universities – Central European University, University of the Aegean, Lund University and University of Manchester.

In her three-month internship, she will be studying the effectiveness of the single-use plastic ban in reducing plastic waste in the island resorts, Lio Tourism Estate and the municipality of El Nido.



VICENTE ALBERTO “VITO” PUYAT Vito graduated from Newcastle University, United Kingdom with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and First-class honors. He has extensive research experience in neuropsychology and has worked on Independent Mechanisms for Image Features in Stereopsis. He has volunteered for diverse university projects and has been part of pilot teams for data and computer programs.

He will be working on comparative coral reef health amongst the house reefs of the island resorts as well as in those with high tourist activities.


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