Nature Meets Community Meets Adventure

Hi everyone. Shine reporting from Apulit. Can’t believe that already five weeks have past of my time in the Philippines. With only five more weeks to go, I realize how not ready I am to leave this place. During these five weeks, I have been absolutely stunned by the beauty, the nature, and the warm people of this place. Especially the passion of the environmental team has kept me in awe since the first day of my internship. It has driven me to work hard on my project to leave something tangible and useful behind for this amazing place. During these 10 weeks, I am working on sustainable business development for Lio estate.

This week has been eventful to say the least. I started my week transferring from Lio Beach (my base resort) to Lagen. Because one of my projects focuses on improving guest activities on the islands, my first task was to experience all the current activities that was offered on Lagen. This amazing day started with a hike. Aside from the millions of mosquitoes that followed us around, it was a beautiful hike. Through the slippery path up and down, we saw Narra, the national tree of the Philippines, a monitor lizard, and the oldest tree on the island. The hike concluded with arriving on this secluded beach called Cove 2, surrounded by limestones on both sides. The perfect place to drift and relax on a paddle board.


From right to left, Caitlyn, Bayley and I posting in front of the oldest tree on Lagen island

The same day, we also went fishing with the fishermen from the Kiminawit community. This cultural fishing activity is part of the livelihood program of El Nido Resorts not only preserving the culture of the communities but also providing extra income. Even though I didn’t catch any fish that day, the experience was unforgettable. Previously, we have visited a school in the Kiminawit community with the effort From Hooks to Books, a program aimed to provide livelihood and better education for the community.


The interns fishing with the fisherman from Kiminawit


Bayley and I visiting the kids at a school in Kiminawit

The next day, I get to discover Miniloc island, the oldest of the resorts and the trademark of the company. I kayaked through the famous big lagoon and I was amazed by its beauty and the amount of life to be found on the limestones surrounding the lagoon. Sadly, the corals in the lagoon have been very affected by human activities, and only a small amount of corals are left. It is thus so important to protect the remaining corals.

Currently, I am in Apulit. This island is not located in El Nido but in Taytay. We travelled through land and sea for hours to get here. This place is worthy of the name adventure island. In two days alone, we have snorkeled, went cave exploring and cliff diving. I have yet so much to explore on this island.

That’s it for now. I will check in again soon!





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