Honoring Wally

Today we honor Wally, the juvenile Rough-Toothed Dolphin (Steno bredanensis) who was beached in Nacpan early morning yesterday. He was weak and emaciated, looking like he had not eaten for weeks. After several attempts at feeding and subsequent release, he succumbed to his illness.

Post-mortem examination revealed that he had swallowed a plastic garbage bag, which got stuck in his stomach. It was so tightly-packed that the bones from the fish it ate after was not even able to pass through.

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We cannot stress enough how much we need to do away with plastics. More and more animals are popping up sick or worse, dead from plastic pollution. It is happening so much that it has now become the rule, rather than the exception. We can only truly start cleaning up the earth once we eliminate the use of single-use plastics. #BeGREENandGREAT 


(We would like to thank Doctors Teri AquinoAlessandro PonzoAA Yaptinchay and Rizza Salinas-Fernandez for all the guidance. Our gratitude also goes out to our partner Sunmai Nacpan for extending manpower and resources which made our efforts possible. Special shoutout goes to Wally’s real heroes — Boboy Kapampangan, Madone Garcia, Mark Tenorio, Boboy Guzman and Ian Dacquer, the guys who found and rescued him in the first place, built the enclosures, regularly changed the water, and assisted with the feeding and releasing even in very rough waters. Maraming salamat po!)

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