Yamang Bukid Farm

Hello from the GU Impacts family! Yesterday, on our way to Puerto Princesa, we had the pleasure of visiting the Yamang Bukid farm, located a short drive outside of the city. We were impressed by the farm’s business model. Every year, the business raises one million pesos that it donates to those in need of special medical equipment.

67476724_2201611380080300_8080913235789742080_nIn addition, the vast majority of its 240 employees worked as illegal loggers before coming to work at Yamang Bukid.

67138447_2201611513413620_5031725139847282688_nTogether, the farm is helping those in need and fighting illegal logging practices in Palawan. And producing some delicious food. We sampled delicious coconut chicken curry, chicken soup, and sticky rice. Thank you, Yamang Bukid Farm – Palawan , for the warm welcome!67403340_2201611496746955_3293467985854857216_n

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