Creature Feature: White-Bellied Sea Eagle

Eagles often symbolize
Liberty to soar to heights
In the Philippines, we have Pithecophaga [jefferyi]
While Haliaeetus [leucocephalus] there is in America.

Here in El Nido there is another
Our very own resident raptor
If leucocephalus means “white head”
leucogaster means “white belly” then

This is the Bald Eagle’s “brother”
Haliaeetus leucogaster
Black and white its flying colors
While younger ones have darker feathers

Independence Days we celebrate
Be it Philippines or United States
Though both, the Pacific separates
We feel as close as our freedom dates

And as close as June is to July
So are the eagles you see up high
As you gaze upon them while they fly
Find our freedoms unified, under the same sky

Wishing all our followers in the USA
A Belated Happy Independence Day!66306454_2196556273919144_4321212445281484800_o (1)

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