This is our Mangroves

Have you ever noticed pencil-like protrusions from the soil in mangrove areas? How about short knobs? Long, medusa hair-like extensions? Knobs sticking out and back in? Or giant buttresses towering over? Those are none other than the lovely root systems of our mangroves. They help stabilize the soil, allowing them to prop up and not get washed out, as well as aerate with ease even when flooded. They can even filter from 97-99% of salt from the brackish water, depending on the species! Pretty cool, huh? Click on each photo to know the official root names! #BeGREENandGREAT

BONUS! If you’re booking at #LagenIsland soon, get a chance to be up close and personal with these amazing creatures through Lagen’s new mangrove walk, launching soon.

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