Larawang Kupas, Alaalang Wagas

1Oh, how delighted we were to get a dash of history and tons of good vibes when we received all entries for “Larawang Kupas, Alaalang Wagas,” the Ten Knots’ 40th year anniversary photo contest! It was as if we opened a family’s old treasure chest full of memories of the good times.

We’d like to express thanks to everyone who have participated, and even to those who just posted throwback photos on their news feed. Among all entries, a particular photo stood out from the rest – for it shouts “happy guests and staff.”

Congratulations to our winner Lotis de la Cruz, former assistant manager of Miniloc Island Resort. You have taken us to a trip down memory lane, one that we shall cherish as we remember all the guests and staff who were once a part of “the El Nido Resort life.”

#BeGREENandGREAT #ENRat40 #ElNidoResorts #TenKnotsat40



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