1st Week of Memories // Juvanka and Janette

This is it, the start of our El Nido Resorts Experience!

Our official first day at Lagen! Although there were setbacks due to the Taal volcano erupting a day before our flight, it still did not discouraged us. Yes, it was a long wait at the airport because everyone wanted to to resume their  travel plans as much as we did. However, when we arrived in Lagen, seeing the resort, it was worth the setbacks that we experienced. It seemed that the challenges along the way did not matter anymore.


The next day we had an early start as we attended a briefing to meet the department heads. As the day went past, we spent a dedicated time with each of the employees to learn more about the operation of El Nido Resorts. We gained a better insight of the various roles of the employees in relation to the operations of Lagen. By listening to how the staff contribute towards Lagen, we were not only able to identify the key relationships between staff and visitors but the relationships between each of the departments.

The day ended with a welcome dinner initiated by Ms Jen. It was great to finally meet her as well as all the other employees whilst getting an overview of what Lagen has to offer for the visitors.

Another briefing this morning which discussed the Chinese New Year decorations (Decoration Galore!) as well as preparations for the upcoming wedding on the 18th of Jan, Furnishing Improvements (Hammock Requests for Guests), HR Process Update and (Clock in and out new processes and procedures) Accounting Approval (Reminder regarding proper processes and procedures).

After the briefing  I acted as an assistant for Ms Sid, who was the front office supervisor at Lagen.  Ms Sid assisted and informed the new guests of everything they needed to know not only regarding the resort’s facilities such as the location of the dining area, the bar, the massage room but also when is happy hour and the activities offered.  Ms Sid had a clear and logical method of communicating to the new guests. There was only one set of guests arriving that morning. I then followed Ms Sid to the office to assist her with paperwork until lunch.  One thing in particular that became very evident when doing the paperwork was that the dates of the guests that were arriving co – in sided with their wedding anniversaries, birthdays and other special occasions. It was great to see that people come to Lagen to celebrate their special occasion.

Whilst Janette was with Maegan, who was the activities co coordinator. Maegan was very knowledgeable and explained that as a guest activities coordinator, the best way to be able to know what to offer guests with limited time in Lagen is to ask the right questions. Ms Badette (department head) also discussed information about the activities Lagen has to offer. Janette also learned information regarding the inclusions in tours for the full package offer. For instance, lunch options to other El Nido resorts are included and where does the revenue go in these cases.

Towards the end of the day, we got the opportunity to visit Cove 2!! There we experienced some  of the free activities Lagen offers which was snorkelling followed by kayaking.  Experiencing these activities was definitely the highlight of the day! Looking forward to being able to participate in other activities to see what else Lagen has to offer.



We did anticipate this day, Friday (YEY!). Anticipated because this was the day that we did visit the Coves, the Dibuluan Beach Club and also we discovered scuba diving. Welcomed the wedding guests in the morning (Everyone was excited to meet the couple!). Everyone was busy ensuring that we will provide an excellent experience to the wedding party! Hopefully our welcome effort paid off and the guests felt welcomed! We could see that everyone were singing and dancing happily (The experience was just awesome as the team enjoyed and the happy vibe remains in the team. This showed that everyone is happy doing their daily tasks).

Visited the coves, beach club and discovered scuba diving in the afternoon, which was the exciting part of the day. Was a little bit scared as we were discovering scuba diving for first time. Eventually, the fear has gone and excitement kicked in (Thanks to the very patient and calm Dive Master Rowell!). Managed to see a sting ray (Even if it was just the tail!) and a Lion fish resting on a rock. Super great experience! Love every second of the experience and definitely would do it again! One the memorable experience in Lagen!

Saturday, traveled to Sibaltan Village and discovered the art of Buri Weaving from the experts themselves (The Sibaltan Women Weavers!). Provided the women weavers a little bit of idea regarding marketing their products and the selling techniques that they could apply to increase their return for all their effort and skills. Also visited the Balay Cuyonon Museum while in the Sibaltan Village. It was interesting to see the way of life of the Sibaltan people before modernization.  A plus during the day was the Kite competition in the area few minutes’ walk away from the museum.


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