The Sibaltan Women Weavers

The Sibaltan Women Weaver’s Association Inc. has been weaving the leaves of buri, a kind of palm tree, since 1999. El Nido Resorts have partnered with them to make the resorts’ buri products like bags, room slippers and tissue holders. Over twenty years, they have registered their association and increased their members from other barangays and have their products displayed at the Lio Airport and Kalye Artisano.

Having that partnership gave them a stable demand that led them to do this for a long time. ENR reduced the plastic usage while giving a market to the women. It’s a win win!

#BeGREENandGREAT #KeepingitGREEN #ResponsibleTourism #SibaltanWomenWeavers #ElNidoResorts

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