Damsel not in Distress

82826600_2358773487697421_5170938400143835136_oDynamic members of almost every reef
A Family of over 300 different species worldwide
With remarkable diversity that will leave you in disbelief

Many differ in habitats, diets, and colors
Ranging from drab brown to brilliant yellow
Damselfish amaze many scholars

Some bravely defend a tiny algae patch
Giving pesky nips to any trespasser
Even if their small size makes it a mismatch!

Others are plankton or invertebrate feeders
All similar in appearance
But potentially very different eaters

#BeGREENandGREAT #FloraofElnido #Damselfish
© Maxine Fabroa
Staghorn Damsel (Amblyglyphidodon curacao)


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