4th Week of Memories // Janette and Juvanka

El Nido Resorts Memories and Experiences

Friday, 31st Jan, a day for us to do what we wanted to do in Puerto Prinsesa (Day off. Yay)! I had no plans for the day and just felt extremely adventurous! I decided to be an explorer and I explored Puerto Prinsesa town. My initial plan was only to go to the Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Centre Palawan (Unfortunately, Juvanka has a fear of reptiles thus she did not come with me on the day).

I was a little bit anxious to go by myself and take the public transportation but I reminded myself that I have the advantage because I can speak the language. The last concern that I had was that although I was born and grew up in the Philippines, I am not from Palawan let alone Puerto Prinsesa. I thought of a strategy, which was sitting beside the driver Jeepney (One type of public transportation in the Philippines).

Yey! There you go! I managed to go to town (Of course with the kuya driver’s help. We even had a short conversation and we both wish each other well. He was very proud of Palawan). I arrived town and tried searching through maps if there are any nearby places I could go and visit. Eventually saw Palawan Museum and Palawan Heritage Centre on the map.

I visited both Palawan Museum and Palawan Heritage Centre. It was fantastic that there was a guided tour in Palawan Heritage Centre. I learned that there are more Indigenous tribes here in Palawan. Also, I was able to ask about the different destinations here in Palawan such as Coron and Tubbataha Reef for future reference.

My last stop for the day was the initial place I planned to visit. I reached Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Centre Palawan and my timing was impeccable. When I reached the place, the guided tour was about to start. As part of the tour, not only the first largest crocodile in the Philippines was discussed but also the latest succeeding largest crocodile was discussed. There were other animals rescued and adopted by the centre. Some of the animals in the centre are either rescued from illegal sellers or highly domesticated and will not survive in the wild if released. The few animals that were in the centre are Wild boar, Palawan Bearcat, Palawan Talking Mynah. It was marvelous to see the animals in the centre and learned few information regarding them.

Saturday, 1st Feb, Juvanka had the courage to go to the Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Centre Palawan (She conquered her fear of reptiles! It is an excellent progress!) She not only went to the Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center but also the Immaculate Conception Cathedral (a Roman Catholic cathedral in the heart of Puerto Prinsesa), Baywalk and Baker’s Hills. She enjoyed her day as she was excited telling stories about it when she came back from the tour and saw me.

After checking out from the hotel and cooling down at the lobby, I brought Juvanka to the public market (Market similar to flea market in New Zealand). Visiting the public market brought back some of my childhood memories. Memories that I reminisced while at the market are the times when I would go with mum to buy food to cook and purchase other items in the market. Juvanka wanted to buy some fruits from the market, however, we ended up not buying anything. The public market visit was great for both I (For me personally) and for Juvanka to explore.

After exploring the market, it was time to come back to El Nido. We bought some food to eat for our travel to El Nido as advised by Han (Environmental Officer) because of the long drive (Five hours travel but it did not seem that long as I was having an interesting conversation with the driver of our transportation). Hopefully I will have another chance to explore Puerto Prinsesa more (Hopefully soon).

Sunday, 2nd Feb, hiking Lio Estate’s Eco-trail was our activity for the morning. Awesome morning cardio exercise! When we reached the end of the hike, the view was just spectacular! The view and the hammocks are one of the best combination to enjoy in Lio Estate while in El Nido. We enjoyed our time there. If we could, we probably stayed longer.


After the hike, we went straight to a nearby café called “Kape ni Manang”.  We then had our early lunch in Kape ni Manang. The coffee was just about right! I ordered Hazelnut flavoured cold brew (While the others were enjoying their early lunch).


In the afternoon, we were kayaking in Lio Estate’s Lagoon. A great place to do birdwatching. There were a lot of dragonflies around the area too. It has been a while since the last time I saw dragonflies and it did amaze me. It is a great activity to do in Lio Estate (Especially maybe for people interested in birdwatching).

Monday, 3rd Feb, visited Lio’s MRF (Materials Recovery Facility) and went Straight to Green Antz’ location. Green Antz is a company in partnership with El Nido Resorts to reduce plastic waste in El Nido and to give plastic another purpose by using plastic as one of the materials to produce Eco-bricks. We were watching the whole process of producing an Eco-brick from the beginning to end process. It was terrific to discover the process of producing an Eco-brick and its difference compared to producing a regular cement block.  Great sustainability initiative for El Nido Resorts and Green Antz.

After visiting Lio’s MRF and discovering Green Antz, we headed to El Nido Town. We had the chance to explore the area and to know what El Nido Town can offer. There are a lot of food places around the area. Also some markets are available in the area and businesses offering tours in El Nido.

Tuesday, 4th Feb, I had another chance to visit the Sibaltan Women Weavers (Thanks to Prof. Manuel). I felt that Sibaltan Women were happy to see me again (Well of course!). There were a lot of additional information that I acquired from them towards contributing to my proposal. Also, I had an interesting conversation with Prof. Manuel regarding the Buri bags, the Sibaltan community and the business. It was also a chance to bond more with the Sibaltan Women before leaving El Nido.

In the afternoon, it was time to say goodbye to the bike that became our companion during our stay in Lio Estate. I was a little bit sad especially when I was saying goodbye to both my bike and Juvanka’s bike.

Wednesday, 5th Feb, in the morning we were getting ready to transfer to Pangalusian (Looking forward to see a Luxury resort!). Before midday ended, we were already on the boat and ready to transfer to Pangalusian. Estef (Environment Officer), warmly welcomed us in her home. Estef arranged a tour in one of the resort rooms. Everyone was stunned with the interior setting of the room (Including Estef as she mentioned that she has not seen the interior of the rooms). It was a terrific opportunity for everyone to see and explore one of the resort rooms.

This day was also a chance to learn the welcome song of El Nido Resorts. The team were practicing and we got involved, which was fun (My personal opinion). I felt that the team were also having fun. Later on the day, Juvanka, Marga, Estef and I just enjoyed watching the sunset by the beachfront. Estef also provided few tips to be able to take a really awesome photo.

Thursday, 6th Feb, we started the day with snorkelling around the house reef in Pangalusian (YAY, a good way to start the day!). I personally managed to see an eel (White with Red spots if I remember it correctly.). Estef and one of the guest who was with us managed to see a Juvenile Shark (Unfotunately, Juvanka and I were away from Estef when they saw the shark).


At 5pm, we were ready for the hike arranged by Estef. We enjoyed our hike and when we reached the top, we met two guest, a lovely couple. From the top deck of the hike, we could see from afar Miniloc and Lagen. However, the sunset was unwilling to show us its beauty and charm. The sunset was hiding behind the clouds at the time. Nevertheless, the view was breathtaking.




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