15 Tips to Save Our Spots (S.O.S.)

The Department of Tourism – Philippines has identified the consequences brought by irresponsible tourism such as the loss of culture, overdevelopment, improper waste management and degradation of ecosystems. To combat this, they launched the Save Our Spots (S.O.S) campaign to show how practicing small acts and working together can mitigate the challenges that the industry is facing.

74610043_2294006117507492_2971912451647340544_o74310946_2294006090840828_7031136762365739008_o74584687_2294006330840804_5540467482097090560_oAs they roll out S.O.S this holiday season, we at El Nido Resorts and Lio Beach pledge our support in ensuring that we educate all our guests coming in and from El Nido. Join us in this endeavor by visiting DOT’s microsite: www.philippines.travel/saveourspots and learn how to be a better traveler.

Tips #1 and #2: Go for reef-safe sunscreen and DEET-free products.

12Wondering what makes our spots so special? It’s none other than our biodiversity! Help preserve and conserve them by using products that won’t harm nature. Less harmful chemicals = #MoreFunForever!

Tip #3: Avoid taking shells, coral, sand, and creatures.

3Shells, sand, coral, and creatures all have important roles in an ecosystem. These include stabilizing sand in beaches, providing important chemicals to natural processes, and contributing to the biodiversity and abundance of many animals and plants. Take nothing but trash, photos, and good memories out of our beaches and ocean so that it’s #MoreFunForever!

A study on the effects of shell collecting and increased tourism: http://journals.plos.org/plosone/article…

Tip #4: Understand every site’s rules.

4Rules are set to protect visitors, the environment, and local culture in a site. Take time to know the rules in each site you visit and always be respectful of them so that our destinations are #MoreFunForever and #MoreFunForEveryone!

Here are some of the site rules we share to our guests at #ElNidoResorts

Tip #5: Avoid leaving trash around.


Trash not thrown properly can have many negative effects on the environment. Mismanaged trash can degrade habitats, spread toxic chemicals, harm animals who eat or are entangled in the trash, disrupt livelihoods, threaten human health, and reduce aesthetic and recreational values of popular tourist sites. You can help make destinations #MoreFunForever by keeping them clean and inspiring others to also keep them clean.

Tip #6: Avoid buying products with illegal materials.

6Wild animal and plant products provided through illegal means threaten many species and habitats around the world. The decrease in biodiversity in certain areas also reduces income from tourism. Buying such products encourages illegal trade. By refusing to buy products known or suspected to exploit nature, we can prevent further harm to our species and ensure that its #MoreFunForever.

At #ElNidoResorts and all establishments on #LioBeach we do not serve any products that involve unsustainable and harmful practices to animals, plants, and ecosystems, including groupers, lobsters, and Bird’s Nest soup.

Tip #7: Bring your trusty eco-bag, refillable tumblers, and reusable straws and cutlery.


This day marks the 2nd anniversary of El Nido’s Single-Use Plastics Ban. For the past 24 months, eco bags, tumblers and reusable straws and cutlery became our best friends. Shifting to alternatives to single-use plastics have been a challenging journey for the people of El Nido, not only for locals, but more so for business establishments and travelers. It’s been 2 years and we haven’t perfected the phase-out of all single-use items just yet, but we are positive that with enough political will and support from all stakeholders, we will get to where we want to be – a plastics-free El Nido.

Tip #8: Avoid wasting food.

8According to the United Nations Environment Programme, approximately one-third of all food produced in the world is lost or wasted and the resources used to produce wasted food are one of the biggest sources of greenhouse gasses that contribute to climate change. Wasting less food reduces costs, time, resources, and greenhouse gas emissions from food production. Less food waste can also prevent irresponsible agricultural development that drives habitat loss. You can ensure that its #MoreFunForever starting with your own plate!

Tip #9: Respect the locals.

99.1The Banga dance, originally from the Mountain Province, represents the grace of balancing several earthen pots over the heads at the same time while moving with the rhythm of wind chimes; allusive to the daily task of the fierce Kalinga people when they need to fetch water.

Traversing the Philippines is not only about going to the most beautiful beaches in the world but also about embracing the intrinsic culture that stands among all. This is why these and more special performances, are showcased in #ElNidoResorts Cultural Shows, demonstrating why #ItsMoreFunInThePhillippines

Photo credits: Jonah Mae Alipoon

Tip #10 and #11: Avoid overusing water and electricity

1011Our lives revolve around natural resources like trees, gas, oil, and water. But consuming more natural resources than we need creates a demand that the planet can’t keep up with. According to the United Nations Environment Programme, natural resource consumption has more than tripled from 1970 to 2010. Mother Earth is also struggling to cope with all the waste and emissions produced from overconsumption. Little acts, such as taking shorter showers and unplugging devices when not using them, can go a long way to lessening the burden on nature. If everyone plays their part, we can all ensure that its #MoreFunForever!

Tip #12: Research before visiting


If the time of your life is what you’re looking for, your complete homework needs to be done.

Do some basic research about the place you are planning to go, that will make your trip more exciting and will help you to pack only what you need. Travel smart, make your visit worth, understanding and respecting the rules and regulations of each unique culture so it will be #MoreFunForEveryone !

Tip #13: Bring only what you need

13Traveling with only your essentials makes it easier to get around by walking or biking and means less stuff to worry about. This encourages deeper exploration of the environments and culture you visit while reducing your carbon footprint from traveling on other forms of transportation. Bringing less stuff also means less potential trash or waste that might be left at the destination you visit. Travel wisely to ensure that its #MoreFunForever!

Tip #14: Book DOT Accredited Establishments

80845761_2330305200544250_3084543974665355264_nOne sure way to confirm whether a local hotel or tour operator is in line with the set national standards is to check if it is accredited by the Department of Tourism (DOT).

The aim of this is to professionalize and standardize the quality of services and facilities offered by primary and secondary tourism enterprises. At the same time, this protects consumers from unreliable or even fly-by-night operations and poor service.

A vacation shouldn’t be stressful, especially when there are ways to protect the traveling consumer. Just keep these tips in mind, and rest easy that your holiday will be an enjoyable one. #BeGREENandGREAT #morefunforever #ItsMoreFuninthePhilippines


Tip #15: Avoid touching wildlife

15Wildlife, just like us humans, are living beings capable of thinking and feeling. Chasing or touching wildlife can cause them great stress and provoke them to either run away or fight back. Additionally, some animals have poison, stringers, or pathogens that can injure or make people sick. Let’s not only be considerate of other people but also of all life that we encounter while travelling so that it’s truly #MoreFunForAllLife and #MoreFunForEveryone!

#BeGREENandGREAT #KeepingItGREENandGREAT #MoreFuninthePhilippines

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