Light Within Darkness

Without a doubt, it has been trying times not only throughout the Philippines but throughout the world. During a period dominated by panic, paranoia, and loathing, it is important for each of us to be lights within the darkness. No matter how difficult the situation, there are always opportunities to make a positive change for not only ourselves but also for others.

Over the past few days, our team at #LioBeach has been donating fruits, vegetables, and cooked meals to the front liners at the Manlag COVID-19 Checkpoint. Small acts of generosity can go a long way to helping the people risking their own health everyday to keep #ElNido and other communities safe.

In trying times, let us also not forget to spread kindness, wisdom, and joy. You, dear reader, can also help by donating anything you can spare, including alcohol, face masks, and food, to organizations providing supplies to your local checkpoints and hospitals.
Special thanks to #LioEstateResorts and #SedaLio for the supplies and your unwavering dedication to the community!

#BeGREENandGREAT #KeepingItGREEN #CommunityOutreach #Palawan


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