A Glimpse of El Nido

The love for marine life. This was the magnet that brought two traffic-fed up city boys together. One from Bacolod, the other from Cagayan de Oro. They both wanted to change things up and pursue their passions. Both took the chance to apply for the sustainability officer position under the Ten Knots Group. Months have passed until they received a response. However, it was not all for naught as internship positions were offered and both were told to prepare for their departure to El Nido.

A beautiful story about to unfold, that’s what they were expecting. The universe smirked and humbled one of them as he was made to realize that in every story are challenges that cross your path – one missed his flight to Puerto Princesa. Aside from booking another ticket, he had to personally commute all the way to El Nido where he arrived at eight in the evening. What a way to start a story, huh?

Determined to bounce back, both headed into the next day early and on time. The LIO Eco-Trail was the first to greet them. As they hiked to the top, tree branches opened up to create small windows where they could somehow get a glimpse of the scenery. The boys, amazed by the view, decided that taking pictures was more important than keeping up with the group. As they finally reached the top, a better view was given and their expectations for El Nido were slowly being met.

After the hike, the boys were then given their second task of the trip. The boys could not deny the offer since they were being tasked to help rehabilitate a recovering Green Sea Turtle. With the help of a fellow intern who was also on the island they began nursing and taking care of the reptile. It was an experience that the boys cherished every second of.

They knew themselves that they were staffs of a resort. But a first-time visitor of El Nido cannot just resist to swim in its pristine waters accompanied by its magical sunset. Without fail, the two excitedly rushed to the beach and took their chance to tick one off of their bucket list.

The next part of this story is a special one. One of the boys was able to celebrate his birthday by releasing forty-nine newly hatched Hawksbill Sea Turtles with the help of the sustainability team and staff. An amazing birthday gift to receive for someone who loves marine life am I right? The other boy on the other hand, he was completely speechless at the sight and he could not stop himself from taking photos and videos of the experience.

Immediately after this, the boys were brought to the most luxurious resort of all, Pangulasian Island. The sight of the resort was astounding. The boys were told that the nickname for the island was called “Panga”. They both looked at each other and remembered the term that their family members and relatives use from their native dialects. “Pangga” a word used for endearment or love. The boys felt this through the warm and comforting welcome from the staff and the different departments they met. They felt as if they never left home and yet they were being welcomed into a new one.

After one of their workdays, the boys accompanied by a sustainability officer went on a hike up to the highest point of Pangulasian. The boys thought they saw everything, but the site of the whole of Bacuit Bay made them bite their tongues. The view was nothing they have ever seen before. There was nothing that they can re-call in the cities they lived that could match the beautiful scenery of the bay.

The boys were amazed and their breaths were taken away by the experiences they have been in these past few days. They have experienced so much and yet it is only a glimpse of what El Nido has to show. What next will the boys experience in the following weeks to come.

What do you think?

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