The Materials Recovery Facility

El Nido Resorts pledges to minimize its impact on the environment by responsibly handling all the waste materials from the resorts. We handle recycling and composting to make sure our waters remain clean and landfill waste is minimized.

Segregation begins at the resorts. All over the islands, recycling bins are provided for guests and staff. Kitchen staff also separate different types of food waste.

Every morning, the waste from the resorts is transferred to Dagal-dagal for recycling and composting.

The waste from all the El Nido resorts in Bacuit Bay is transported daily to the Materials Recovery Facility at Dagal-dagal. Here, the segregated recyclables undergo a second round of sorting by the staff, to ensure everything is properly managed. Plastic, paper, cans, glass, and corrugated cardboard are carefully separated and sent to offsite recycling facilities.

The organic waste is moved over to the composting site, just around the corner. The food waste from the resort is sorted to remove any stray scraps of meat, shells, and other inorganic waste and then drained, because excess water causes the compost to improperly rot. The resulting compostable material is a combination of rice and vegetables. Larger pieces of vegetables or wood are processed by a shredder to speed up decomposition. Then, everything is mixed in a compost bin with carbonized rice husk and leaves to act as drying agents, and some compost from the other previously composted bins.

The decomposition process takes 10 days. For 10 days, the compost is lightly mixed to air out the compost and facilitate aerobic bacterial digestion. Afterwards, the compost is sifted. Sifting removes the larger debris that has yet to fully decompose, like leaves and big branches. The sifted compost is left to dry out for about a month before being sent to the farm. The result is all-natural and nutrient-rich compost!

Read more about our responsible waste management:

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