To Be Continued…

Like the eight that came before it, this week has been full of surprises. After a slippery climb to three breath-taking waterfalls, donning sweaty shark costumes for crowds of children, our first days of sunshine in weeks, a rousing meeting with the mayor, and a scramble to make sure everything is in place for our launch party – we are tired and happy. We are cherishing our last days together and reflecting on how far we’ve come and all that we’ve learned.

Workshop Week

Eight weeks of baselining, power outages, monkey robberies, wild karaoke nights, exploding toilets, and a case of the stomach flu that left no pillow (read: fellow) untouched: workshop day arrived with much relief.

Postcards from the GUI fellows

It may come as a surprise to see this week's entry in an unconventional manner such as this postcard. We fellows had an adventure and travel-filled week, in which we took a break from working on our communications platform from the safety of the COVO workspace and headed southbound to Puerto Princesa to see the sights!

A Full Plate.

After days of starvation, due to an unfortunate stomach flu, my mind thought of nothing other than food – from the delicious dishes cooked by Potter’s resident chefs, Ate Ming and Ate Ding, and the various meals we have eaten at different places during our month long stay here in El Nido.


As the van slowly pulled into Potter’s, we were immediately welcomed by Ate Ming and Ding’s delicious food and Yumi’s affectionate smile.

Nature’s Curse

Hours wrought with anxiety as we, a group of nine, sat agitated in a dark room over the glow of several phone screens. To which resorts would we each be assigned? The question that had been eating at all of our minds for many days was about to be answered.

What’s Nik-Nikxt?

Something that does have everybody itching, though, is the nagging question of “what’s next?” What are we doing tomorrow? Where is this platform going? When will my “nik-nik” bites stop bothering me?

Diving in headfirst

Bright and early the Flag of the Philippines raises on the municipal building to mark another Monday morning. The elaborate ritual which features symbolic songs, reinvigorating remarks from the Mayor, and patriotic processions signals the fresh start to a week in El Nido.

Buoyant People, Missing Buoys

I arrived in El Nido with buoyant spirits and a buoy problem. I’ll start with the buoyant spirits. Even after forty-six hours of travel from Washington DC, the reason for El Nido’s fame as a tourist destination became immediately apparent.

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