Creature Feature: Nudibranchs

They are one of the most anticipated marine creatures that most underwater photographers are after because all of them are uniquely colorful and have striking patterns and appearances.

Here, There, and Nowhere Else.

The Philippines is one of those remarkable playgrounds of speciation. Its high rate of both endemicity and biodiversity can be traced partly to its unique biogeographic history.

Bird is the word

Most kids our age think birds are boring (and we were culprits), but after bird watching, we realised how truly interesting the animals are!


Today, we woke up at 8 o’clock and jumped right into our conservation work. We first went to a lecture to learn about marine turtles here in El Nido! (our favorite place).


“Did you know that if we our act of damaging corals, 60% of corals will be destroyed in 30 years!” THAT’S INSANE

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