Here, There, and Nowhere Else.

The Philippines is one of those remarkable playgrounds of speciation. Its high rate of both endemicity and biodiversity can be traced partly to its unique biogeographic history.

Bird is the word

Most kids our age think birds are boring (and we were culprits), but after bird watching, we realised how truly interesting the animals are!

Red-footed Booby: The Release

When I started working as an Environmental Officer (EO), I have had no first-hand experience in wildlife conservation. I also did not have a formal background in Biology, so you can just imagine how excited and at the same time scared I was with the idea of taking care of a seabird.

Creature Feature: Eastern Reef Egret

The eastern reef egret (Egretta sacra) sometimes comes off as the bird that can't make up its mind. Not content with being one color, this bird comes in three shades - blue-gray, white, and a mottled somewhere-in-between.

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