KimiNANAY Sewing for Sustainability Fundraiser

Help the women of Sitio Kiminawit kickstart their sustainable livelihoods!  

With a business plan already in place, the women of KimiNANAY, a collective from the fishing village of Sitio Kiminawit, are ready to start sewing and selling reusable masks, but the startup costs for sewing machines pose a tremendous barrier. At around $150 or Php 7,500 a machine, this equipment is too costly for them to buy on their own but are a key part of kickstarting their sustainable business. As studies have shown that women’s financial empowerment is integral to the economic prosperity of communities, this new stream of income has the potential to benefit all of Sitio Kiminawit.

To help the women of Sitio Kiminawit kickstart their sustainable livelihoods, participate in raising the $600 or Php 30,000 needed for four sewing machines, donate using QR codes below and check out the links to learn more about how you can contribute to the financial empowerment of these women.

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