Creature Feature: Stork-Billed Kingfisher

While there are birds that are flightless, spending all their lives on land, most others will be perched in places inaccessible to many predators.

The Butuan

This boat, also known as "Butuan", was the first-ever wooden watercraft to be excavated in southeast Asia.

Legal Aliens

After a busy week of activities and a trip to Puerto Princesa, the GUI fellows gain legal alien status in The Philippines!

Creature Feature: Nudibranchs

They are one of the most anticipated marine creatures that most underwater photographers are after because all of them are uniquely colorful and have striking patterns and appearances.

Yamang Bukid Farm

Yesterday, on our way to Puerto Princesa, we had the pleasure of visiting the Yamang Bukid farm, located a short drive outside of the city.

Honoring Wally

Today we honor Wally, the juvenile Rough-Toothed Dolphin (Steno bredanensis) who was beached in Nacpan early morning yesterday.

Behind the Scenes

Hi all, Bayley here to reflect on another week full of pleasant surprises and endless rewards. Brian and I were lucky enough to join a commercial shoot in our local community of Kiminawit.

Station Rotations

It’s me, Brian. Welcome to another episode of adventures in El Nido. The past week was filled with travel as we completed our island rotations.

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