15 Tips to Save Our Spots (S.O.S.)

The Department of Tourism - Philippines has identified the consequences brought by irresponsible tourism such as the loss of culture, overdevelopment, improper waste management and degradation of ecosystems. To combat this, they launched the Save Our Spots (S.O.S) campaign to show how practicing small acts and working together can mitigate the challenges that the industry is facing.... Continue Reading →

Light Within Darkness

Without a doubt, it has been trying times not only throughout the Philippines but throughout the world. During a period dominated by panic, paranoia, and loathing, it is important for each of us to be lights within the darkness. No matter how difficult the situation, there are always opportunities to make a positive change for... Continue Reading →

Siganus vulpinus

Most coral reefs they inhabit Oval and colorful fish With a nose like a rabbit Also named “rabbit” for what they eat Algae and sea grass Are their choice of treat Though these fish do not look scary They have venomous spines Of which you should be wary Foxface Rabbitfish (Siganus vulpinus) ©Maxine Fabroa #BeGREENandGREAT #FaunaofElNido #FishofElNido #Rabbitfish

Some Good News!

Tired of all the negative news? Here’s some good news! This morning, our team at #LioBeach successfully released 53 new turtle hatchlings. This occasion reminds us of a few things. Firstly, Mother Nature never stops bringing new life onto this Earth. Secondly, our duty to Mother Nature never stops. Thirdly, there is always positivity in the world... Continue Reading →

How to #BeGREEN

Out of many things our ancestors passed on to us, how to #BeGREEN is one of the most important. Despite the massive plastic packagings we see nowadays, Filipinos, over the centuries, have been using banana leaves as wrappers or plates. The benefits of these leaves go beyond just beautiful packaging; the subtle aroma and flavor they impart... Continue Reading →


This is a beautiful celestial occurence formed by a lovely crescent moon side by side with brilliant planet Venus. This phenomenon happens when the pair is sharing the same right ascension, which is called a conjunction. They occur on roughly a monthly schedule. So if you haven't seen this view of Venus and Moon yet,... Continue Reading →

The Drynaria Plant

This is a dried-up leaf of a Drynaria plant. All that is left of it is the intricate network of veins that demonstrates anastomosis, which transports nutrients and water. This network behavior can be found in the blood vessels of the retina, in river systems, and even in the roots of vines growing on the... Continue Reading →


“El Nido Resorts, a group of private island resorts in the Philippines, & Lio Tourism Estate Lio Beach, both part of the Ten Knots Group, a subsidiary of Ayala Land, Inc.., are the first in the world to be awarded Sea Turtle Friendly™ Tourism Certification by the Wildlife Friendly Enterprise Network. El Nido Resorts and... Continue Reading →


The Lio Beach x GreenAntz collaboration has already produced more than 30,000 pavers mixed with roughly 700kgs of shredded plastics. Imagine how much plastic we have sequestered and prevented from ending up in landfills and ultimately our waters! Thank you so much for your significant contribution to this initiative. With your constant support, we are helping solve... Continue Reading →

At Your Service

El Nido Resorts’ stories are writ large in the hearts of our guests, and in many instances, their guides are the star of their stories. Undoubtedly, one such star is Raffy Dalabajan, who has been weaving delightful vacation experiences for 25 years. He embodies “anticipative service” that continues to astound guests; even before they can... Continue Reading →

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