The Lio Beach x GreenAntz collaboration has already produced more than 30,000 pavers mixed with roughly 700kgs of shredded plastics. Imagine how much plastic we have sequestered and prevented from ending up in landfills and ultimately our waters! Thank you so much for your significant contribution to this initiative. With your constant support, we are helping solve... Continue Reading →

At Your Service

El Nido Resorts’ stories are writ large in the hearts of our guests, and in many instances, their guides are the star of their stories. Undoubtedly, one such star is Raffy Dalabajan, who has been weaving delightful vacation experiences for 25 years. He embodies “anticipative service” that continues to astound guests; even before they can... Continue Reading →

Nipa palm

In estuaries and coasts, lives a special palm Found in many Asian countries Including the Philippines, Indonesia, and Vietnam Near mangroves, it is commonly found Unusual, for only its leaves grow above surface While the trunk grows below-ground Vinegar and alcohol are made from its sap Its leaves, used as materials in roofs and baskets... Continue Reading →

Start Them Young

"Tapos yung ibon kawawa." (then the bird is pitiful) Teaching kids about the environment and its threats gets you sympathetic pauses to all the morbid realities you tell them. In these classes, they have told me things that they can do: 1. To not throw garbage anywhere 2. To not step on corals 3. To... Continue Reading →


The #RacetoCleanOceans isn’t a sprint but a marathon! Riding on the momentum of our recent coastal cleanups, the Ten Knots Envi Team partnered with Chasin Clean Coasts to clean up #LioBeach. The 10-man strong team were not short of willpower and determination, covering more than 2 km of beach and collecting a grand total of 547 pieces of trash and... Continue Reading →

3rd Week of memories // Juvanka and Janette

  El Nido Resorts Memories and Experiences   FRIDAY JAN 24TH  Today was dedicated to learning about all the information associated with the “BE GREEN” principle. The presentation informed us about the 5 “BE GREEN” principles that El Nido resorts conform with to make Palawan an eco-friendly tourist area. The purpose of this training was... Continue Reading →

Like Father, Like Son

They say that a work place becomes all the more special because of the people you work with. For Jaimito “Tay Mito” Malana, Lagen Island’s painter, it is indeed special because he also works with his son Janjan, one of the island’s food attendants. Second-born of his six kids, Janjan grew up dreaming to someday... Continue Reading →

Cousin of Spongebob

If you were looking for Sponge Bob while exploring the sea, you might have run into his cousins a couple of times already, the barrel sponges! And if you think they're boring, think again! -Due to its shape, it provides habitat and shelter for many species of fishes and invertebrates, so look inside them next... Continue Reading →

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