2nd Week of Memories // Janette and Juvanka

El Nido Resorts Memories and Experiences Monday, 20th Jan, we were excited to go fishing (Juvanka, Marga and I)! YAY! There was a competition going on as to who will catch the most fish using the traditional way of fishing by the local fishermen, “Bottom Line Fishing”. Juvanka caught two fish, Marga caught one and... Continue Reading →

Damsel not in Distress

Dynamic members of almost every reef A Family of over 300 different species worldwide With remarkable diversity that will leave you in disbelief Many differ in habitats, diets, and colors Ranging from drab brown to brilliant yellow Damselfish amaze many scholars Some bravely defend a tiny algae patch Giving pesky nips to any trespasser Even... Continue Reading →

The Sibaltan Women Weavers

The Sibaltan Women Weaver's Association Inc. has been weaving the leaves of buri, a kind of palm tree, since 1999. El Nido Resorts have partnered with them to make the resorts' buri products like bags, room slippers and tissue holders. Over twenty years, they have registered their association and increased their members from other barangays... Continue Reading →

Support Locals

  #SaveOurSpots (S.O.S.) tip 17: Support local businesses An important part of sustainability is connecting the local people, especially women, at-risk-youth, and indigenous populations with the benefits of tourism. An easy way to do this is to buy locally made crafts and souvenirs, a small act that will have a direct and positive impact on the... Continue Reading →

Miniloc’s Nightingale

If we ever imagine how #Miniloc "sounds" like, Mike's voice would definitely be the answer. He has been a Singer, Bartender promoted to Assistant Bar Supervisor, and, indeed, a Miniloc All-Star for over 15 years. His vibrant talent can be heard in every corner of the island because his beautiful voice echoes everywhere. Mike says delighting... Continue Reading →

Christmas Came Early

Yesterday, Christmas celebrations began early with the Ten Knots Envi Team’s Christmas Party. It was a fun-filled afternoon for our hard-working teams and their families with food, games, and prizes galore! Beyond the food and games, this event was about our team showing appreciation for the work our teams at the Central Office, Materials Recovery... Continue Reading →

This is our Mangroves

Have you ever noticed pencil-like protrusions from the soil in mangrove areas? How about short knobs? Long, medusa hair-like extensions? Knobs sticking out and back in? Or giant buttresses towering over? Those are none other than the lovely root systems of our mangroves. They help stabilize the soil, allowing them to prop up and not... Continue Reading →

The Platax teira

A fish with more than one name Thin-bodied and disk shaped But they aren’t angelfish, as some might claim Though adults look like a spade Juveniles are quite different Looking more like a leaf or a blade Reef-dwellers that keep our ocean clean Eating turtle and dugong waste, And seaweed other fish find obscene Family:... Continue Reading →

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