Half Way Through

Every internship program is just as unique as each day's sunset.

The New BBC: Bianca, Bayley, and Caitlyn

Hi, it’s your favorite (and only) El Nido graduate intern, Caitlyn! This past week at Miniloc Island Resort, I’ve finally started to settle into life in Palawan after the orientation period and newness of living in the Philippines is starting to fade.

Diving Right In

Hey guys it's Bayley. Not many people can say their summer internship involves getting a diving certification, learning to weave a buri purse, bathing pigs, and visiting multiple turtle hatcheries all in one week. However, for the GU Impacts fellows, this past week has been all that and more.

Island Life Begins

Brian here. It was transition week. It began halfway across the Pacific Ocean in Anchorage, Alaska where I boarded a plane that would spend the next twenty hours flying me to Manila.

To Be Continued…

Like the eight that came before it, this week has been full of surprises. After a slippery climb to three breath-taking waterfalls, donning sweaty shark costumes for crowds of children, our first days of sunshine in weeks, a rousing meeting with the mayor, and a scramble to make sure everything is in place for our launch party – we are tired and happy. We are cherishing our last days together and reflecting on how far we’ve come and all that we’ve learned.

Workshop Week

Eight weeks of baselining, power outages, monkey robberies, wild karaoke nights, exploding toilets, and a case of the stomach flu that left no pillow (read: fellow) untouched: workshop day arrived with much relief.

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