Buoyant People, Missing Buoys

I arrived in El Nido with buoyant spirits and a buoy problem. I’ll start with the buoyant spirits. Even after forty-six hours of travel from Washington DC, the reason for El Nido’s fame as a tourist destination became immediately apparent.

How Our Guides Become Nature Rockstars (Nature Interpretation Round 1)

Last August 15-19, the Environment Department held its first batch of Nature Interpretation (NI) training this year. As the newest member of the environment team, I was lucky enough to be able to join in on this immediately and learn more about El Nido.

Creature Feature: Philippine Pangolin

A species formerly classified along with the pangolins of other South East Asian countries, the Philippine pangolin or balintong is now identified as a unique and distinct creature endemic to the Palawan faunal region.

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