Be GREAT Environmental Education at Palawan State University

Our Be GREAT (Guard, Respect, Educate Apulit, Taytay) outreach at Palawan State University Taytay marks multiple firsts.

Creature Feature: Asian glossy starling

If you spot a flock of black birds with blood-red eyes, don't freak out! They're just Asian glossy starlings (Aplonis panayensis) roosting together for the night.

Creature Feature: Pacific swallow

Ever tried to identify the small, fast-flying birds flitting around the El Nido Resorts properties? If you caught a quick glimpse of a brown face then you're in luck - you just spotted a Pacific swallow!

ENR celebrates World Oceans Day with a splash

It was a wet and wild World Oceans Day celebration for El Nido Resorts (ENR), as staff volunteered their off-duty hours to clean up El Nido and Taytay's beaches, experience the daily operations of the ENR Materials Recovery Facility (MRF), play water-related games, and unleash their musical talent via a songwriting contest.

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