Bianca Ong

Bianca Ong
Environmental Officer  

Not all Biology graduates end up in med school. A good number pursue post graduate degrees. Some of them go up mountains during sem breaks with friends to conduct faunal surveys. Some teach zoology and wildlife courses in the University. Others work in the zoo as veterinary assistants handling all sorts of animals. And there are those who trap and dissect rice field rats for research.

There’s one person we know who’s done all these, and that’s B. B took up BS Biology in the University of the Philippines, Manila, as a prerequisite to forensic pathology. With majority of her batchmates pursuing medical degrees, she figured someone had to help plants and animals too. She instead studied MS Zoology in the University of the Philippines, Los Banos to further her knowledge on wildlife. After a series of animal adventures, her current quest now takes her to the most beautiful field lab of the Philippines, where a variety of missions are waiting to unfold.

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