Hanniel Almasco

Senior Environmental Officer

Born and raised in Palawan, Hanniel grew up in touch with the environment. She knew her province way before all the travel hype and was a witness to how tourism transformed her home — more for the worst than for the better. She studied Political Science in Ateneo de Manila hoping to become an environmental lawyer. Her journey however, brought her into pursuing a master’s degree in public management where she specialized on the politics of climate change and sustainable development and graduated at the top of her class. Hanniel was able to study in France and worked on sustainable lighting alternatives with AE & T Lighting, the company which lights the Eiffel Tower. Having exposed to the world of international organizations and policy making bodies, she chose to look beyond and immersed herself in the grassroots level. She became a youth ambassador for the Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park for its Information, Education and Communication programs. Now, our Environmental Officer, she is on the pursuit of integrating tourism to conservation and sustainability.

Hanniel desires to see policies and implementation coalesce, she wants to see theories and agreements work and manifest on the ground. For her, nature is a gift from God that must be kept, protected, and conserved. Everyday, she wakes up, motivated to be a steward of this creation. Believing that it is one of the ways to express her love for God and for others — the greatest commandment.

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